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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Over the long weekend

Although I was working over the long weekend, I still managed to catch few movies on DVD. I made sure that I caught up on the "super-hero" movies - The Dark Knight, Iron Man and Jumper, listed in the ranking order. I also watched Tropic Thunder and Wall.E.

Most of you must have seen them anyways so no detailed review, here are few lines:
The Dark Knight - Hands down show of the Joker, Heath Ledger. He has done a tremendous job and left behind a legacy that he will always be remembered for. I can bet my car that he will certainly get an Oscar for this. The other striking thing about this movie is that it is not in the realm of fantacy Batman world, director Chris Nolan created a believable, relate-able world and Joker makes it very very dark! Also worth mentioning is work of Aaron Eckhart, brings out the contrast in his character. (9/10)

Iron Man - A fun movie, non-stop intelligent action and charm of Robert Downey Jr. makes this movie above average. Also the special effects are mind-blowing. I can see few more sequels on this one and predict they will be equally successful as I myself am waiting for them. (8/10)

Jumper - This one is about the breed of human that can teletransport themselves, known as Jumper. The concept was good, but that is all that is good about it. The movie disappoints, worth a one dekko though. (6/10)

Wall.E - A very cute, though provoking animation movie, the animation and sound design is terrific. A futuristic tale about humans and robots. I found myself appreciating the technical aspect of this movie than the content itself. (8/10)

Tropic Thunder - I might have missed few jokes in this movie as I am not in touch with the latest in Mtv pop culture so did not find it very funny as claimed by the critics in west. It was ok movie with some good comic performances by Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black and Tom Cruise. The best part about the movie was the MTv promo in the DVD, I found it funnier than the movie itself. (7/10)