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Monday, May 4, 2009

Taken - A fast paced action thriller

Frankly, I didn't know Liam Nesson had it in him... I always regarded him as a good actor but never thought he was capable of doing such an intense and old-fashioned action thriller! The plot is really simple, Liam Nesson who plays a semi-retired CIA, uses his professional training and skills track down his daughter who has been kidnapped into the world of slave trade. It is not the story or the plot that makes the movie work, it is his excellent acting and the convincing non-stop action. The movies does not give you any time to pick loopholes in the story (there are many), you just go with the flow.

The writer/producer Luc Besson (Leon, Fifth Element, The Messenger) and director Pierre Morel (District B-13) were very clear about the target audience and set out to make an out and out action movie where the good guy uses his brains remain one step ahead and brawns to kick the crap out of bad guys just in time so that we are always at the edge of our seats. They succeeded very well and remained loyal to the genre. A must watch for the action fans. (8/10)
p.s. Please don't ask me if CIA guys were so skillful then why bunch of them could still not trace Osama?!!

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