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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Calling for some action - Judgement Night and Running Scared

I was craving for some fast paced action movie as it was really long I watched any but I was also not in a mood of "one-man-army destroys evil empire" kind of movie either so it was tough to find any good movies in this genre. After sifting through racks of movies I picked two as the premise looked promising- Judgment Night (1993) and Running Scared (2006).

Judgment Night (1993): I was apprehensive about picking up this one as I belonged to early nineties and action movies in this era had hang-over from the eighties action movies typical of Stallon, Schwargnegger (sp.?), Van-Damme kind of action. But I still picked this as the cast had names Cuba Gooding Jr., Denis Leary and Emilio Estevez and this one is story of bunch of fast friends with diverse personalities running and hiding from a gangster to save their lives. The story unfolds in one night and is very fast paced and has thrilling moments. Some part could have been more intelligently shot but overall it is a good gripping thriller. (7/10)

Running Scared (2006): I wasn't expecting much from this as I am not a big Paul Walker fan I liked what I read on the synopsis. This one again is story of one night full of action and drug deal gone wrong, dirty cops, domestic violence, violence against women and kids. Some of the scenes could be very disturbing, definitely not a movie to take your date or kids. It was fast paced and the action is non-stop, has the underbelly of New Jersey as backdrop. Paul Walker, Chazz Palminteri( The Usual Suspects, Diabolique and Vera Farmiga (The Departed) acted very well and lived upto the characters they were playing. The cinematography is grainy and dark and very effective for the mood of the movie. I don't know why this one is not more popular, may be because lack of big league actors, but it sure is a must watch. (8/10)

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