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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Success - We all want it, but what is it?

We all crave for success, it is by far the most driving factor in our lives. So, what is success? Could it be described as the desirable outcome of the efforts? If this is so then the success is very well defined even before we start our efforts in that direction. When I think about it there seems to be more to it, would we still call it a success if we suffered all the way to it? Success is also in the process that we follow to achieve the outcome so that we are happy doing it, and simply meeting that outcome is not enough. Makes sense to me, so it is both the outcome and the process that we choose to follow to achieve it, are important aspect of the success then. What about the people who we come across during our process to achieve success and their happiness? I presume they are also equally important, as barring few tasks that we can achieve solo, most of what we want to achieve is dependent upon others. So, we also need to take care of the people aspect of our journey or process to reach success.

So, let's see, we have the our desires, our efforts, the journey and people that constitute our success. What if our goal shifts during the process? it can very well happen, as there are so many factor that can affect us and the predefined outcome does not excite us anymore after a while on the journey. We evolve as grow and our desires to go through changes, our priorities change. So, our predefined outcome may not be written in stone, it can evolve and change.

As it is turning out now and I spoke through all this, that success could be defined as a continuous journey where we aspire to fulfill our desires while being happy and keeping fellow travelers happy and progressively evolve the collective goals that we want to achieve.

Try to put this in context of your life at work, home, project or team work and see if this fits in.

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