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Thursday, December 18, 2008

12 Monkeys - The future is history

I never really got around watching this movie either, it is from 1995 and a sci-fi kind also. After watching I feel that this was more than a sci-fi and also a pioneer in it's content. There are other movies that now I feel must have been inspired by this one, for e.g. I am Legend, Children of men, 28 Days Later etc. The legendary director Terry Gilliam managed to create a future that is dark and chaotic. The movie challenges the concept of mortality, morality, time travel, intelligence and progress. It is not a very fast paced and no typical action, also very long at 129 mins. The acting is flawless and honest (read against the star images), Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and Madeliene Stowe, all are brilliant. You may or may not enjoy this movie, but will definitely ponder and feel amazed. In the end, you'll never forget, something incredibly powerful and possibly unique. I recommend it, just have some patience, the director will not explain everything but by the time titles start rolling, everything will make sense. (8/10)

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