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Friday, December 5, 2008

Long Kiss Goodnight and The Clearing

Some nasty bug in my stomach kept me at home yesterday and in bed, as a result I ended up watching two movies back to back.

Long Kiss Goodnight
I don't know how I missed watching this one for such a long time, it was released in 1996 and I remember it from my early days in US when it was playing on pay-per-view while I was holed up in a Days Inn motel but I never got to watch it. Let me tell you folks it is a kick-ass cool action movie!! The main lead here is a woman with amnesia and her past comes to haunt her, rather she is the one who goes after it and it seems to overpower her "new identity". Gina Davis fits the role like hand in glove and does full justice to it. Samuel L Jackson her side kick here, is a foul mouth ex-cop who has got one of the best one-liners in the movie. They both make the movie really cool and cool is what is required for a great action movie. I recommend it big time and any one like me who has missed it, please catch it at next chance. (8/10)

The Clearing
After watching Long Kiss Goodnight, I was up for some more action but couldn't find much that would match the requirement so I went with this lesses known Robert Redford movie. You can not go very wrong if the movie has actors like Robert Redford, Williem Dafoe and Helen Mirren. I was right to some extent as the movie itself is not great but has some fantastic performances by the entire caste actually. This is a movie about kidnapping, self-realization, values and redemption. It is pretty heavy actually and you really need to be in the mood for such a stuff. I was not so I could not appreaciate it much but can tell that the movie was not bad, it was me. I recommend this one too if you are in mood for some pensive stuff. (7/10)

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