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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Brave One - Review

So I ended up watching 'The Brave One' over the weekend. To start with, it is a revenge story mixed with vigilante justice but has a lot of soul-searching in the process. That was expected from a movie that has Jodie Foster in it, she won't go for a mindless action revenge saga. Is it OK to kill the killers of your loved one, will this not make you a killer then? Can you just go out, buy a gun and go on with your revenge or kill the bad guys to clean the society, is it that simple? Well no, as our protagonist in the movie goes through a lot of turmoil and self-conflict on every step. Jodie Foster has effectively portrayed this on screen and her acting is top class. However the movie lacks in excitement, it tends to become more of drama than action movie so guys may feel bit disappointed. But ultimately it is a good watch. (6/10)

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