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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ghajini - Keep the logic aside and enjoy the ride

This is one is much hyped and publicized movie that I am sure you all must be aware of. It is indeed a love story at the heart of it and only the outer shell is that of action. I personally liked the love story part better than the action part, more so because of natural charm of Aamir Khan and innocence and perkiness (without being annoying) of the leading lady Asin. The action is also good, actually very good but does not hit you hard and is very superficial.

The concept of the movie ripped off from Chris Nolan/Guy Pierce movie 'Memento' but is not a copy of that movie, actually it is very different. The week part of the movie is the villain 'Ghajini' (yes the movie is named after the bad guy!), the actor does its part ok, the problem lies in the characterization which is very over the top and does not come across as someone who would need so much strength and challenge to overpower and finish in the end. The hero seems all so powerful and only resorts to hand-to-hand combat in the climax which seems silly as even the gully goondas now days have guns... boom! and our heros fist-power would have been put to rest. So, there is no logic in the action of the movie, even the romance is beyond any logic. All said and done, I found the movie very entertaining, what we call 'paisa-wasool' and don't regret seeing it. If nothing, then one can see it for Aamir Khan and Asin's excellent performance. And yes, the action tend to get very gory at time so beware. (7/10)

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