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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Idiocracy - The natural selection

Idiocracy is a nutshell is a mediocre movie but the concept is brilliant, it could have been a great satire but missed it by a narrow margin. Also, I do not know many people who have seen this movie as I heard it did not get promoted and had a very limited release, too bad.

At the beginning the narration goes: "Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence." Instead, it rewards "those who reproduce the most." To illustrate this, we meet a highly educated and intelligent couple who want to have kids, but they're very thoughtful regarding their surrounding , want to take it easy and get 'settled' first, and then his sperm count's low… and it doesn't happen. Then we cut to Clevon, Jr., a white trash who with every woman in the trailer park and keeps reproducing like their is no tomorrow, same goes for his children, and the cycle continues. As this nationwide phenomenon progresses over time, the Bell curve of the U.S. population slides over to the dumb and trashy side.

The movie is about our protagonists, a very average-joe, Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson) and a prostitute Rita (Maya Rudolph of SNL), transporated to future as part of a secret army experiment that goes wrong and they are stuck in future. A future where everything is chaotic, stupidity rules and these two are the most intellegent human beings on the planet. The movie reached peak at this point and starts to slide towards a predicted and crude (yet funny though!) climax.

It is definitely worth a watch, at least for the brilliantly ironic concept. (8/10)

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