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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sling Blade - Sharp, really sharp

I have been aware of Billy Bob Thornton's impressive resume but never been his fan. He has been good in movies like "U-Turn", "A Simple Plan", "Pushing Tin", "Bandits" and "Monster's Ball". Prior to all these movies he wrote, acted and directed in "Sling Blade" and that changes everything for me to his credentials. He is simply superb in all these responsibilities in this movie, which is a true gem! He plays a southern simpleton, Karl, who was involved in a gruesome murder of his mother and her lover when 10 years old. As a result of this he spends 25 years in a mental institution and gets the tag of "retarded", I felt he was not though he was a bit "slow" and simple. His acting a flawless and at times you forget that you are watching Billy Bob here!

While Karl is simple, he shows us the complexities of life through less experienced eyes, and yet the film never gets preachy. It is also a tale of true friendship, the meaning of love, an amazing morality fable, and some beautiful imagery. All of it to be found in the simplest of places. It feels slow at times, but the pacing actually enhances the experience of being pulled in to the Deep South.

Do yourself a favor, watch this one at your first chance. (9/10)

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